I am not particularly-hard to locate. After over a decade of intense and assiduous effort to remain “off the map” of the Internet, the simple fact is that modern technology makes it impossible to hide.

Thus, I welcome contact from like-minded individuals, on topics of:
• Art
• Science
• Creativity
• Music
• Science Fiction
• Photography
• Motorcycles
• Physics / Cosmology
• Puppies
• Etc.

So, if you would like to get in touch with me, you can use one of many possible vectors.

Contacting me, and getting my attention, are two different things. This is not due to snobbery, diffidence, or anything else unpleasant – it is due to the fact that:
1. I have very little free time
2. I *do* have two foibles regarding who I communicate with (see below)
3. I receive hundreds of spam emails a day [because Corporations seem to think that the fact I purchase something from them entitles them to spam me for the rest of my life]

So, here are my ground rules:
• If you attempt to Friend me on Facebook, please let me know who you are, and why you’re attempting FB’ing me. [I often Messenger back to people requesting “FB Friend” access, asking how I know you, and why you’re asking.]
• Same goes for Linked-In. Because LI has a great bearing on my Professional reputation, I am much more-selective on LI than I am on FB.
• Same goes for BandMix.

My foibles:
1. In any request to contact me, you must use proper English, full sentences, and capitalize your personal pronoun. I routinely-ignore anyone who refers to themselves as “i” (in lower case). I’m old-school like that, sorry.
2. No politics.

The most-direct means to contact is via email, at “teejay31 <at> mail.com”.

But please be aware that because 99.8% of all emails I receive are either spam or marketing, I don’t check personal email very often… maybe once a week. And when I do check, I use the “group” and “delete” functions pretty-liberally. So, I’ll ask that if you email me, please make the Subject Line “pop” in some way, to call my attention to the fact that you are a Human, not a robo-emailer.

IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST, and wish to leverage anything on my Website that is under my Copyright (e.g. "mine to give"), I will be pleased to help you with your Project by donating. This includes my original music, diagrams, fonts, etc. Please let me know how I can help.

Likewise - if your Project is for Charity, Fundraising (for a cause in which I believe), or some other effort for the Betterment of Mankind, I will make you an offer you can't refuse.



















(c) 2016 Teejay Riedl