(c) 2016 Teejay Riedl

I wanted to write some hugely-erudite explanation of this Project… but all attempts failed. So, I’ll put this as simply as I can. For now, if you ask me “why?” here are my justifications:

1. I wanted to be able to say, at the end of Summer, "Hey! I *did* something this summer!"
2. Brian Eno is one of my top three favorite artists ever.
3. I’ve been listening to his music since 1977, when I first heard “Before and After Science:, and have been listening ever since.
4. While I can never (and didn’t try) to do “better versions” than Eno’s, I *could* do them differently.
5. And “different” can be fun.
6. And for some reason I’ve never sussed-out, God gave me the ability.

I dedicate this effort to the memory of my friend Mike Masquith, who taught me much of what I needed to know about actually recording music. 33 years ago, using 2 cassette decks, Mike and I recorded our first song together: “Sombre Reptiles”. Godspeed, buddy, and crank it up, up there!

"Enobled." A Tribute to Brian Eno

Arranged, Recorded, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by myself, at Mission Control Studios, Lisle, IL.,July - September, 2016.


A NOTE to the Public: It should be mentioned deliberately: I did this Project in honor of another musician whose work I admire greatly. I do this for FUN, not for Profit. No money, goods, or services has, or will, change hands in compensation for the work represented here.

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(c) 2016 Teejay Riedl





























Everything Merges With the Night
The Fat Lady of Limbourg
Spider and I
The Belldog
By This River
The Great Pretender
On Some Far-Away Beach
Sombre Reptiles
Sparrowfall 1234
Just Another Day on Earth









Lay My Love