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I haven't been to Alaska yet. Planning it in 2017.

Entering Alabama, on the 2005 Cross-Country Ride.

Checking out the Ordinance...

The town of Smut Eye. Honestly, I expected more than this.

This is gonna hurt tomorrow, but I wanted the shot!

More spiny stuff, more heat... s'all good.

Relaxing on Dad's patio, with a libation and stogie!

...and ready to head Home!

Looking down on the Grand Canyon, enrout to California!

Climbing in the hills east of San Jose.

At Lick Observatory!

Making some dinner while at the suite...

Building sand castles on the Monterey shore.

Monterey! My Home Town!!

Look at me! All brand-new, and ready for adventures with Teejay!!

Cocktail's at Rappa's!

Whale Watching.


LAX! Classic, elegant beauty!

Monitoring the throttles as we fly south...

On the tour bus to Tulum

At Tulum!

Heading to the top!

Visiting the Statue of Libearty! 2001.

Tuesday, August 31, 2001. Who could have ever imagined what would happen 2 weeks later?

A sadly-revised skyline, October 2002.


Central Park in the Fall!

Thanksgiving Day, 2015!

Radio City, 2015, awaiting the Christmas show!

Southwest Corner in Bryant Park, February 2016 - my favorite place in the world!

Penn Station, awaiting my train!

...and coffee on the chooch!

Oktoberfest in Philly, with the requisite ooompah!

At the Family Reunion!

Chartres Catherdral!

A beautiful fall afternoon in Paris!

The Arc du Triumph!

What a great subway system!

Atop the Arc du Triumph!

On the Pullman Orient Express to Chartres...

And headed home again...

"Stacy Mitchart and Blues you can Use", at Printer's Alley, Nashville. GREAT blues!!

One of the best rides ever!

Twisties, cool tunes on the ride.. near the top with Teejay!

There was this dude with mutton-chop sideburns in a leather suit at Security... kinda sketchy...

Ready to head home!

Austin River Walk!

I remember.

Kickin' it with some tastey Jazz at Austin River Walk.

Stuck in Houston, unable to get out before Hurricane Ike in 2008. We were stranded there for 4 days.


...with nothing else to do, we had to expand our horizons...

In through Customs...

The Biggest of all-possible Ben's!!

Paddington! Another of Isambard Kingdom Brunel's awesone creations!

The beheadings done for the day, I relax with a cocktail by the Tower of London.

Waterloo Station! A Mecca of Transport!

Tower Bridge at night!

At "65 & King" Pub. Wonderful Ribs!










(c) 2016 Teejay Riedl
(c) 2016 Teejay Riedl