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Findings – Overview

Before treating the Findings as assessed in the Images, it is important that the Reader be prepared for the cultural and scientific framework of the results of Research. Our experience in sharing these findings with Academia to date has demonstrated that each Reader will undergo differing degrees of cultural “shock”. Thus, a brief synopsis of our research to date. The contentions made below will be supported in the analysis of each of the images.

1. The Artifact is of Extra-Terrestrial Origin. This is confirmed by anomalous spectrography results of the Artifact itself, multiple dating methodologies used to investigate the Artifact, and information contained within the Artifact itself.

2. The Home World of the book is named “Kela”. This has been derived from our (as-yet incomplete) translation of the various languages contained within the book. Linguistic findings will follow. To date, no evidence extracted from the Artifact yieds data as to the location of the source-world.

3. As such, we use the convention “Kelan Book”, or “Book” to refer to the Artifact. The term “Images” will represent the images / drawings / illustrations contained within the Book.

4. The mechanism by which the Kelan Book appears on Earth is as-yet un-validated. However, all data point to the probability that it was transported to Earth deliberately. Multiple references to space-flight capability exist within the Kelan Book.

5. As derived from multiple data points within the Kelan Book, Planet Kela may be characterized as:
• Approximately 8415 miles in diameter
• Class M
• 0.78 G of Earth, and thus slightly less-dense than Earth
• Orbiting a Binary Star pair
• Comparatively less-rich in heavy elements than Earth
• Subject to significantly-greater levels of cosmic radiation, and significantly-greater meteorite-bombardment as compared to Earth

6. The inhabitants of Kela are humanoid in form factor.

7. While no precise measurement metrics exist in the Book, they seem to have been of roughly-similar size to contemporary Homo Sapiens. Interestingly, almost all of the Images include an icon that represents the Kelans size relative to the specific Illustrations’ subject matter.

8. All Kelans are depicted in the Book as silhouette-only. (We assume this to be a Religious constraint, but no additional data exists to support or refute this assumption.)

9. We can extract no cultural findings regarding whether Governmental disparities existed, and whether the population of Kela was united as a Planetary Government, or individual nation-states (and of what quantity). Because the Kelan Book illustrates solely-technical topics, we note several supporting contentions for a single, unified populace:
• Where technology is illustrated that includes “beams”, said “beams” are never aimed at images of Kelans, nor other structures
• Where aircraft, land craft, or spacecraft are shown, none appear to be military in nature.
• Where “weapons” appear in the images, they are shown in the context of spacecraft, and deployed in what appears to be defense of their planet from asteroid bombardment, or stellar / planetary purposes as-yet unidentified.

10. In representation of the Kelans’ relative size vis-à-vis the technical subject, all show three Kelans unified by a triangle. It is assumed that the threesome thus represents either a cultural triumvirate (similar to “man / woman” on Earth,) or that three entities are required for reproduction. Or both.

IMPORTANT NOTE – because the form factor of the Kelans seen in the Images so-closely resemble Humans, and because the physiology of the Kelans is addressed nowhere in the Book, we will use the arbitrary-labeling of this social / Reproductive Grouping as follows:
i. “Triad” denotes the threesome Grouping
ii. Individuals are labeled “FMU”, as Female, Male, Unknown.

The Images

In many cases, several Images with the Kelan Book depict various elements of a common Subject. Thus:

• Where such commonality exists, all related Images are treated on one page of this Project Website.

• Thumbnail images are provided, showing the Images as found in the Book, before computer-enhancement and re-imaging.

• Clicking on each Image, or group-image of related Images, will bring you to the specific page showing the COMPUTER-ENHANCED images, and descriptions of each as currently theorized.


The textual analyses of the images were summarized by Mr. Teejay Riedl, Senior Director of Cultural and Technical Analysis for the MTT Kelan Book Project Team. Mister Riedl also holds Copyright for all related text and images depicted in this analysis.

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(c) 2016 Teejay Riedl
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