Here’s how I’ve rolled over the years… trying to manage the kit that allows me to do what I do!

These are just some general pictures of the evolotion of my rig over the years. I will not bore you with a roster of all of the equipment, except where it matters: the equipment changes constantly, and let's be frank:

"What good is gear if you ain't playing?"

2015 - This is springtime of 2015, just after I got the rig up and running following our move from Fairfax VA to Lisle, IL. My space here is MUCH smaller than I had in VA. But by a Happy Coincidence, this space in the basement is the same room that was Juli's playroom when she grew up here!

The section you see in this photo is the south side. Behind me arethe electronics lab racks, and to the left are the DAW racks. Out of view further to the right are the mixing and synth racks. The guitars would be begind the photographer in this shot.




















2013- The top photo was shot in summer of 2010, as I was nearing completion of the "Christmas Reconstructed" project. Here, I layed out all mu instruments "Umma Gumma Style" (if you cleaned seeds using the classic Pink Floyd album as a kid, this should trigger a flashback or two. My insurance company loves it when I do these; it allows me to annotate everything, and prove I actually own it. But shots like this are a PITA to set up, so I don't do it often.

The lower shot is a close-up of the rack rig seen in the background of the upper photo. This was "Mission Control" as it appeared on SuperBowl Sunday 2014, just before I shut down the rig for the last time in Fairfax. The following day, I began tearing it down, to pack for the move to Lisle IL.

2001- This scene is from August of 2001, after we had moved from Capitol Hill in DC out to Fairfax VA.

Maximus, our new puppy, sits at attention as I salute the proceedings. AT this point, I had just gotten my first DAW rig, and was making the transition from tape-based recording to full digital. In that rack is a Tascam 288 (eight tracks on cassette, and I lost one of those tracks to a SMPTE signal used to synchronize the DAW). This is the rig that I used to finish the resording of my first "Covers!" project, although some of the songs on that project dated back to Capitol Hill.

1992- This scene is from Octover 1992. At the time, I lived in a apartment in this wonderful Brownstome at 404 Seward Square, SE DC. It was a block from where I worked, and had all these ornate ceilings, and solid brick and stone construction... it was great! The building was once a single-family mansion, and was sliced into apartments during WWII. (Today it is once-again a single-family home - tthe owners did a fantastic job re-modeling.)

This was the Dining Room, re-purposed as my recording studio. I had to re-do the electrical in the apartment: it dated from the War - but aside from that, it was a snug and jolly place to live and Create.

Ludwig, the cat, was a big fan of mine, and advised me whenever I played a bum note.

1986- The sobriquet "Teejay's Happy Bedchamber", which is what I called this studio at the time.The photo isn't bevy good, so there isn't a lot to discern... but back behind me to the right is a rack of gear (reverb, delay, compression), and further to the right is my stereo stacj with a Roland TR-707 on top. Behind me is a Korg Poly-800, and my Tascam 244 (4 tracks on cassette). EQ, a home-build mixer, and other stuff up on the shelf. This is the rig I used for "Happy Christmas 1986" and "After the Crush".

1982- "Teejay's Happy Bedchamber" again... and as you can see, there is not a lot going on here except Spartan Simplicity. I had no multi-track at the time: if you look carefully, you'll see a Hitachi cassette deck and a Panasonic cassette boob-mox at the left. My recordings were sound-on-sound, bouncing stereo tracks from one to the other through the mixer atop the turntable desk, adding the new part as it went by, and using the other gear (EQ, an old Yamaha spring Reverb at upper left, some home-made gizmos in the middle) to finesse the tone. Why the two turntables? I made part of my living as a DJ of "New Wave / Darkwave" at a couple clubs in Alexandria.

The tape hiss was incredible, but this is what I used for all the "Demo Sessions" tunes in my Discography. And the tape hiss is largely why I won't post them here on TeejNet. They sound Archaic by today's standards.

1980- "Teejay's Happy Bedchamber" yet again... and as you can see, there is even less going on here than in the photo above. That's because I did not yet know how to play the guitar at the time, and instead relaxed in oh-so-suave a setting with my Brian Eno records.

I played bass (uh - "I made noises on a bass guitar!") at this stage, and was doing the sound-on-sound thing, and miked the sofa (e.g. put mics next to the cushions) and played on it with drumsticks as a rhythm source.

The results were beyond Crude... but in putting this wensite together again, I revisited those old tapes as I digitized them, and there are actually a few songs on them with sufficient Merit to warrant re-recording them!

1979- "Teejay's Happy Bedchamber". .Sound-on-sound (as per the above) with not a lick of "real" recording equipment. But look to the left of the CB radio in the upper photo - That was a buffer unit I built to try and minimize the tape his (I used it in all subsequent work abovem until I bought the Tascam 4-track!).

And look at the lower part of the upper picture, and you'll see a device just peeking into the frame.

That device, better-visible in the lower photo, was my first self-designed synthesizer. (I had a previous synth that I built from a kit back in 1976, and another one from a PAIA kit in 1980).

(c) 2016 Teejay Riedl


1984- This is not even my own studio, in fact! This is some of my equipment mixed in and hooked-into my best friend Mike Masquith's studio at his place im Pimmit Hills VA.

I was living with Mike and Sandy for awhile (some relationship issues on my end required a change of venue, and they put me up). In this incredible action photo, I am recording on New Year's Ever 1984; everyone else had gone to the beach, and I hhad no SO at the time.

But I like the shot. And Mike was... well, that's another story entirely. Let's just say he was the best friend I ever had, he taught me to play guitar, and did so many other things that a website can't recount them all. Godspeed, buddy. You left us too soon.

1976- Oh, Good Lord. Do you even need to see this?! Yes, it's "Teejay's Happy Bedchamber". But at the time, I played NOTHING except that little kit synthesizer (no keyboard). But I wrote and sang, and had (get this!) two reel-to-reel monophonic tape recorders! :) I had no mixer - I'd sing one part into the deck, and play it back through a 12' speaker I built, with a mic to the second deck aimed at the speaker... and then I'd stick my head into the pickup pattern of the mic and sing a second part! And so on.

It was during this time that I "invented" the multi-track tape deck (as Gedanken anyway!).

Look to the left, and you'll see a bunch of knobs poking out from that shelf - partly my stereo system, partly my radio rig. I was never a HAM, but I had a pretty-sophisticated CB rig... and you can see me merrily-chatting away, probably on Channel 19. "Breaker-breaker, good buddy!" .

I'd like to say that the foulness of those vocal recordings "made me put down music until the technology caught up", but in hindsight I realize that the gap really wasn't that long a time. From 1974 (when I started "recording") to 1983, when I bought my first multi-track, was less than a decade. So in actuality, I never stopped. I hate quitting.