Welcome to TeejNet! My site is crawling back to life after a long hiatus . Not all links are active yet, but most are! Enjoy!


I've been writing since (as best I can recall) age 8. I have something on the order of 300 songs in my "catalog", and have recorded the equivalent of 19 albums. Not all of these songs / recordings are good! So on this page, I'll break out a few of the better ones, and provide some timeline and background.
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No repetoire would be any good without some Christmas songs! I've done the equivalent of 4 Christmas albums. Again, not all of the recordings will be posted here... but maybe enough to set the jolly holiday mood. Beware, my "Christmas Reconstructed" project was an avant-garde mashup - not your traditional fare. Have a listen!



These are my own interpretations of songs that I like. When selecting a song for this project, I don't ask myself "Can I do this song "Better" than the Original? Because I can't. So I ask "Can I do this song as-well as the original, but in a different way?" If the answer is "yes", I get to work. If not, I move on... there is much to do...

I've been in a lot of bands... and would like to continue doing so. Here is some of that history, and (where rehearsal tapes didn't suck too much) maybe some recordings.


"Studio" is a very-broad term. Here, the context is "the place where I recorded music" from age 13 or so, up to the present day. The facilities range from 'a cassette recorder on the floor" to my current rig, which is in fact pretty-sophisticated. Naturally, as one gets older and has a better day job, one can afford better tools. So here's a brief history.



Way back in High School, I became fascinated with Electronics. Our high school had a very decent lab, and I learned a lot. I built my first synthesizer in 1979, and some mixers in the early 80's. And then "life got in the way". So in 2014, after moving to Lisle IL, I dusted off my rusty skills, and have since been designing and building some new stuff. More on that - on the page.


Even before I could walk, I was an artist. Dimly in my memory, I recall executing a brilliant masterpeice on the wall of my room, whilst stanbding in my crib. The media was... well, let's just say "unsavory, and my Mom was NOT pleased." And just like that, I discovered "Art is not Eternal". To that end... here you go.
The opposite side to the coin of "Art" is, of course, Photography. I spent 13 years as a professional photographer, and a photo lab manager at a global News Service. Oh, the tales I could tell... up to my elbows in carcinogetic chemistry 5-6 days a week. With digital, and PhotoShop, things got a lot more fun. Here are a few selected examples of both my silver-halide and digital work.


"Gedanken" - German for "thought". Experiments or executions which are impractical to carry out. And let's extend that to "fantasy", e.g. "a world which COULD contain such things in it, but does not". So, this page is more of a repository for "ideas", than things I have actually done. Suspend your disbelief before clicking the link.
Adventures with Monterey, my Travel Bear. Although he accompanies me everywhere, I do not "always" photograph him. Still, I have, at the moment, just north of 10,000 photos of him as we travel the land. Only a few hundred are seen here. Enjoy!






Yeah, I got your Steampunk, right here!



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